Sant Rohidas

Sant Rohidas

Rohidas was a cobbler by profession. Though he was a cobbler by profession he would always be chanting and thinking about Vitthal. His heart was always filled with love for Vitthal. He would go to Pandhari every ekadasi and on other days he would sit in his shop and take care of his business. It so happened that the king who was ruling that city had to go on a war. The army started preparing for the war and had to acquire shoes for the soldiers. The king then asked each cobbler in the city to make 1000 shoes with in a week and send it to the palace. Every one had to agree as it was the king’s order. The other cobblers were happy and even employed a few others to work part time and started making the shoes. It was not practically possible for Rohidas to make 1000 shoes in the given time as he would always get lost in his thoughts about god by singing his praise even while working. Usually he would make only around 10 shoes in a month which was just enough for him to run his family. He tried to employ some people to complete this job but could not find any. Six days had passed by and Rohidas had not even finished cutting all the leather required for making 1000 shoes. If he doesn’t deliver the shoes by tomorrow Rohidas will be punished by the king. Rohidas did not realize all that and continued with his bhajans. That evening a young guy came to Rohidas saying that he was told by other cobblers that Rohidas was looking for a person to work for him. Rohidas was happy to hear this and asked him to come inside his shop. He then told the guy that lets try to do whatever we can tonight even if we can not complete 1000. The young guy asked him not to worry and said that he would easily complete the job. Rohidas then told him that he would do the cutting and asked the guy to do the stitching. The guy looked at the thambura in the shop and asked him if he would sing. Rohidas then said that if he starts singing he would get involved in it and forget himself and that it would a hindrance to their work. The guy insisted that Rohidas sings and said that he would take care of making the shoes. Hearing this Rohidas was happy and started singing the praise of god. When Rohidas finished the 1st song he saw that the guy had finished a few shoes by then. Rohidas was amazed by the speed with which this guy was making shoes. He then asked him if he could help him with the cutting. The guy said that all he wanted was to listen to Rohidas songs and that he would definitely finish stitching all 1000 shoes if he continues with his singing. Rohidas then asked him about his native and the guy said that he was from Pandhari and that his name was Rangan. He also said that he has seen him in Pandhari during ekadasi. Rohidas then continued his singing and Rangan continued making the shoes. Rohidas would sing a few songs and then turn to Rangan and ask if he was Pandurangan? Rangan would then smile at him and answer him that Rohidas sees everyone as Pandurangan and that is why he feels this way when he see him too. Rohidas was singing almost till dawn and Rangan had by then completed all 1000 shoes and had tied them in bundles of 100’s. Rohidas then praised Rangan for finishing the job. Rangan then said that he would brush his teeth and come. Rohidas then told him that as he had been awake the whole night, he would get some oil for him so that he could have an oil bath. He also said that he could have food with him after the bath and that he would give Rangan whatever money the king gives to him. Rangan then left the shop. Rohidas was waiting for the king’s men to come for the shoes and he gave it to them. The king’s men were happy with the shoes and gave Rohidas a lot of money. Rohidas then locked the shop and came to the river in search of Rangan but he was not there. He then enquired the people there about Rangan and understood that no one had seen him this morning. He then came back to the shop and was looking for him in the bazaar and other places but could not find him anywhere. By noon Rohidas understood that it was Vitthal who had come as Rangan. As soon as he understood this, he fainted and fell down. His wife then came in search of him and asked him what had happened. He then told his wife that Vitthal had come to do this inferior job of a cobbler for him and that he had kept some oil and dress for him and had left him without taking any of this from him. They then went to Pandhari with the oil, dresses and the money given by the king. They performed abhishekam (Sacred Bathing) for Vitthal, dressed him with new clothes and offered the money given by the king to him.

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  1. I was looking for some information on sant rohidas because i have seen photo of sant rohidas on all cobbler shops in maharashtra. Now i understand why the chambar community in maharashtra worship him. Thankyou this helped. Jai vitthal rukhumai!

  2. I was looking for some information on sant rohidas because i have seen photo of sant rohidas on all cobbler shops in maharashtra. Now i understand why the chambar community in maharashtra worship him. He is god of our category thanks to god “Sant Rohidas Maharaj “

  3. Jai Jai Vthal Jai Hari Vithal. Bhagavan Pandurang always help people at every critical time in life.Without His Grace, I would not have seen this day. So many personal experiences.It is truth that it is HE only who saved me at all times. His mercy is Unlimited.From my personal experieces, I can vouch that these stories of GREAT BHAKTHAS are not myths. But REAL.

  4. GREAT.Thanks a lot for the information .I have visited pandharpur last weak, had darshan of Lord Vitthal and blessed .

  5. Sant Rohidas was a sant for all warkari samaj. Pandurang came and stiched shoes at his house. How the devotion towards god Vithal. Jai Rohidas Maharaj..Jai hari pandurang vithal vithal.

  6. Many people are not aware of the fact that he was the Sadguru of saint Meerabai, whom she has described as “Raidas.” Since he used to offer food and grains to poor people, his parents had thrown him out of home, but he did not mind. He used to repair sandals of true devotees free of cost. Once, when a brahmin came to him to repair his sandals, Rohidas asked him where he was going. The brahmin told him that he was visiting Kashi and would take bath in river Ganga. Promptly, Rohidas took out a coin and requested the brahmin to offer the same to Ganga Maiyya. The brahmin laughed to himself and went away. When the brahmin entered river Ganga for bathing, suddenly a female hand came out of water and asked for the coin given by Rohidas. The brahmin was stunned and promptly offered the coin to Ganga Maiyya. After receiving the coin, Ganga Maiyya gave him a diamond studded bangle to be given to Rohidas, however, the greedy brahmin took it and presented it to the king, who gave it to his queen. The queen told him that she needed two such bangles to wear and king again asked the brahmin to get one more similar bangle. Now the greedy brahmin was in great danger as he had not returned the bangle to saint Rohidas. Therefore, he came to Rohidas, fell to his feet and told the truth. Saint Rohidas took pity on him and went along with him to the King. He asked king to bring a large vessel full of water, which was promptly arranged. Then he asked the king to put his hand in water and take out the bangle. To his surprise, when king put his hand in the water, he found several similar bangles in water. Shocked and perplexed he looked at saint Rohidas, who told him that all the worldly objects will not give him any happiness and that achieving God should be the ultimate goal of a human being. Saint Rohidas wrote a famous poem, “Prabhuji Tum Chandan Hum Pani…” which is famous till today. After 700 years, people have not forgotten the supremacy of the Saint Rohidas.

  7. There are a lot of difference of opinion about Meera’s Sadguru (spiritual master). Some historians say that saint-poet Ravidas (also called Raidas) was her Sadguru. But some historians say that Meera had no Sadguru. However the latter opinion is incorrect as she herself has declared that saint-poet Ravidas was her Sadguru in some of her couplets. She says,
    “Nahi Main Peehar Sasare, Nahi Piyaji Ri Sath
    Meera Ne Govind Milya Ji, Guru Miliya Raidas||”
    (Meera Bruhatpadavali Part 1, page 201)
    This couplet prooves that Meera’s Sadguru was saint-poet Raidas.It is because of saint-poet Ravidas’s guidance Meera reached her Spiritual goal.

  8. Once, when Rohidas was performing Sandhy-vandanam, a brahmin saw him using all utensils made of leather. Shocked, he went to Rohidas and said, “Fie Fie! What is this? Why are you using utensils made of leather? Your entire worship is polluted.” Rohidas calmly said, “Vipravare! Can you point out at least one thing in this world which does not have skin? Since I am a cobbler, I am using articles made of leather. So what?” Brahmin said, “A skin of a living being does not pollute but once the creature is dead, its skin pollutes. You will not know such matters which only a brahmin would understand.” Rohidas said, “Sire, I too am a brahmin.” Brahmin said, “Is it? then where is your sacred-thread?” “You would like to see my sacred thread?” saying so, Rohidas took a leather-cutter and cut his skin and lo and behold! There was a sacred-thread inside his skin. Stunned by this miracle, the brahmin said, “OK. OK. Do as you like, you know more than me,” and left the place hastily.

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